Heavenly Father,

I pray for all Your people to rejoice in the birth of Your Son, Jesus Christ, throughout the Christmas holidays; may the Holy Spirit remind us that He is the reason for the Christmas season. May we all behold His glory and praise His name because it alone is exalted, and His glory is above earth and heaven. May all the angels with great authority come down from heaven and illuminate the world with His glory.

Thank You for giving us the gift of peace of mind and heart through Jesus Christ, which is a gift the world cannot give us. May we all remain steadfast in trusting in You throughout Christmas, that You will keep us in perfect peace. May we be of good cheer as we go through trials and tribulations that come our way throughout the Christmas season. May the Holy Spirit remind us we have victory through Your Son, Jesus Christ, to overcome the world because His Spirit that lives in us is greater than the spirits that live in the world.

May the Holy Spirit remind us that Your joy is our strength, and there is fullness of joy in Your presence. May those who are sowing in tears reap joy during this season. While they are in sorrow, bring Jesus’s spirit to them, so they can rejoice and have everlasting joy. Weeping may endure through Christmas eve night, but may joy come on Christmas morning. May we all be filled with the overflow of Your joy throughout the Christmas season.

I commit the Christmas season into Your hands in Jesus’s name. Amen. –Kenneth Sullivan

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