Dr. Y’shua Yisrael BABA

By Dr. Y’Shua Yisrael

The world is aflame with incendiary ideas surreptitiously crafted to evoke a disproportionately passionate, borderline rational response. The word “Antisemitism” is used today exclusively to reference the litany of diatribes directed toward the Jewish people, their religion, and their property. Jewish people for a plethora of reasons are subjected to hatred, envy, and violence. Why? One could argue that antisemitism is a reaction against the concept of being “ the chosen people of god”. After all, doesn’t God love us all equally? Another plausible consideration is that antisemitism is owed to envy. The Jewish nation has wandered throughout the world and arisen from the floor of the desert to build the State of Israel; a world leader in technology, defense systems, and high-level technological innovations. No one can deny that these are unprecedented accomplishments. The forces of evil are cognizant as well and are relentless in the efforts to overturn the plans of salvation; their’s is, Antisemitism; a product of wickedness itself. Lastly, Antisemitism is evidence of Spiritual warfare. The Torah is The Transcendent Immortal One, and its ineffable powers are opposed in the relatively objective ​world. Antisemitism is the warfare against the Holy name of God; ( יהוה ) and therefore, Antisemitism will always be defeated.

Here in the southern United States; the Bible Belt, southern whites have always held an inconspicuous form of antisemitism that in my view, is most likely a correlate of the Gospel that both teaches and amplifies the notion that the “Jews” rejected Jesus and are, at least tangentially responsible for his death. Implicit in the preaching of the Gospels is the preaching of prejudice against the Jews. Although abysmally absurd, such ideas are prevalent and contribute to antisemitism. Overt public diatribes against Judaism are not the purpose of free speech, and they should be considered unlawful. All hate-filled speech must be squelched and any platform for its advocacy dismantled. Any forceful, hurtful, and bigoted assault against the rights of any people to exist must be construed as an assault against all groups! This is the twenty-second year of the new millennium; a time for reflection, a time to ask, what should be the ethics and morals of a progressive multi-cultured world?

What have science, physics, and mathematics demonstrated regarding the fundamental unity of the universe? What are the available, evidenced-based, psychological practices which unlock, and optimize human potential? We must initiate a paradigm shift away from relative features; such as race, gender, and religion to the deeper, more unified strata of ultimate existence. Unity should be our aim, our trajectory must be the absolute, the ultimate reality, the ground force of everything in the universe; Consciousness. The metaphorical narratives of all religions point to the same organizing intelligence of existence which plays the diversified role of creative intelligence. When existence becomes conscious, intelligence becomes consciousness. The entire field of creation is comprised of different values of that one singular consciousness. The Self- everyone is an individualized expression of consciousness. The reference for the concept of “ I”, is individuated consciousness. Every individual’s sense of subjectivity is a reference to the unified field of pure consciousness.

At the turn of the 20th century the renowned African American educator, W.E.B. Dubois published, “The Souls of Black Folks.” Dubois prophesied that the quintessential problem of the 20th century would be that of, “the color line“. He was correct! However, having negotiated the difficulties of the color line in the 20th century; it is time to evolve to a collective state of unity consciousness. One of our principle goals is the dismantling of racism, and specifically; antisemitism. Going forward, a collective effort must be made to implement educational curricula that provide our students with the foundations of universal oneness, i.e. The Unified Field Theory. But even more, we must study and create a technology of the holy tongue that elevates physiology, while simultaneously taking our mind into our own inner, subjective consciousness. This will enliven the spirit of unity and awareness of the possibilities of the unified field.

By enlivening specific impulses of natural law at the level of the unified field, one gains the ability to create powerful and positive effects in one’s own nervous system and in one’s own environment by one’s mirror intent. There is a direct relationship between the status of the nervous system and the perceptions of the values of consciousness. The more refined the nervous system, the greater support for a deeper experience of the values of consciousness. In order to experience the more refined levels of consciousness, a student has to learn how to turn his senses inward in such a manner that the awareness is allowed to transcend to quieter, more subtle levels of the thinking process, until it transcends thought altogether and reaches the state of pure consciousness without any thought objects of perception. By taking the mind into the absolute unified field within, which is the home of all the laws of nature; divine intelligence is infused which activates the full potential of the nervous system and cultures it to maintain its ​cosmic status. Synchronicity with divine intelligence ensures the right being, the right thinking, and the right action.

Antisemitism will not exist but fall away like the peelings of fruit. Antisemitism can not exist in those whose lives are in synchrony with the will of God, for the will of god is the unity of diversity. Antisemitism is a mental schism that creates the illusion of separation. In Knowing the Self the will of god is known; for in knowing myself the light of antisemitism will be forever; extinguished, for the will of god is the unity of diversity.

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