By Gary Downing

Some people seem to think they are educated, even though they can hardly read or even spell. It’s the product of a people who wish to dumb down our nation.
Over the years, we have watched as Republicans and the extreme religions have stripped away funding for our education system in America. Saying we need more funding for the military or we should pay a subsidy to some corporation.
Religious groups who say our laws do not take care of the people in the proper manner, preach about how our laws should be based on the bible.
They have supported putting God and the bible verses in our classrooms for over 70 years.
They wish to see our present-day education system fail so they can create corporate education for profit. An education system that teaches religion. Seems that most of those supporting that are Baptist. However, they are all extreme religious groups from different religious factions.
They promote their own set of values and ideas and allow religion to be practiced in many cases.
Corporations gain profits and do not pay taxes like the average working person or family. So why should those who do pay taxes to run our government support a corporation that gives nothing in return?
As a taxpayer, I am willing to let my money pay for the running of our government and that means even paying for the idiots, others vote into office.
However, I do say they must do what it is they were hired to do. I am willing to pay for all the agencies that protect our lands, the people, the services that people need, and those who take care of our infrastructure.
I support our police and firefighters and medical teams who come to our rescue when needed. I simply do not believe any taxpayer dollars should ever be used for corporations.
They set themselves up, make a huge profit and ask for assistance like It’s candy and no one pays for it.
The creators of America spoke out and declared independence in 1776 from England. They also removed control by English corporations that extracted their wealth and dominated trade. Our Founding Fathers never wanted any corporations in America.
Corporations were not allowed for many years and it seems someone must have bought a congressman or two as they suddenly could have a charter for ten years at a time.
Those charters were evaluated and questioned to make sure there was a valid reason for them and if there was they could renew for another ten years.
Many in our congress today support corporations as they influence the pockets of every single one of them in one way or another.
They make over $175,000.00 a year for about three months of work, in many cases get insider trading information, invest and gain profits by purchasing stock in those corporations.
Corporations are not a good idea in any manner except for those who have the money to invest in them, the stockholders, or that CEO who sings a great song at the end of each year with one very fat bonus check.
Many things can cause a corporation to fail, someone embezzling money or dishonest records, maybe a staff that simply figures ways to pull down the organization. Of course, these are only off-the-wall reasons for a corporation failing.
There are many reasons for corporations and charters to be removed.
Our government takes care of our social security and does it well. Just think if a corporation got hold of all the money taxpayers and workers have placed in that huge pot of funds.
They must use some of those funds to created new buildings, offices, hire people and so much more.
We have seen politicians over the years take money from that fund and use it and never pay it back, what do you think will happen to it if those greedy politicians take all that money and put it in something they control?
For more years than most of us can remember we have done our best to make public education a priority. But many conservatives understand if you dumb down a nation you can control that nation better.
Stop funding for teachers and books, all the things that allow students to learn facts and the truth. Remove books that show the history and tell them the truth about how our nation was created and who died to protect their lands.
If you’re not smart enough to read and don’t know how to look for facts, they can manipulate you and mold you into believing whatever they tell you.
Look at our nation today. For over the past 50 + years people who never looked up facts and live in areas of low income normally find education funded poorly.
Teachers get low pay and must pay more in benefits, they love what they do and that is why they are there. However, you must keep in mind in the southern state’s religion is one thing that is preached a lot and it carries over into the schools.
Workers in many states today carry those kinds of values as they have been brought up with religion. I say brought up with religion but never really paid attention to what it means.
Those are the ones who say I am a Christian and maybe they even go to church but do not understand that what was once said and written down was supposed to be a guide for a better life.
Those words are not a shield to hide behind as they spread hate, lies, deceptions, and degradation.
I must point out, that educators across this nation are still hanging on to the values and ideas that brought them to teaching our children when they first started working towards their degrees.
At one time, all people understood the great meaning of giving our children the best education we can give them. Money was made available to make sure they had the finest books, desks, and materials they needed for a classroom and our Public Education System has produced some of the greatest minds that have led to some of the most fantastic discoveries in America.
If education does not get funded properly it will always be easy for people to say our education system does not work.
We live in a world with many problems and issues, but one thing is for sure if the people of our nation do not have the education to keep up with the rest of the world and people who would destroy us, we will have failed.
If taxes must be raised, then raise them. Always remember when all of our children were being educated without the help of other taxpayers it would have cost us thousands of dollars more than it did.

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