By Dr. Y’Shua Yisrael

Dr. Y’shua Yisrael BABA

“ You can not put five pounds of sugar into a two-pound bag; it is simply too small; a much larger bag is needed to contain 5lbs”. The truth of this axiom seems obvious. Nonetheless, Until recently, educators have employed the strategy of cramming information into the student’s brain without giving consideration to how to increase the size of the student sub- conscious potential. This strategy has proven ineffective in raising society to the high aspirations and ideals of education far above violence, and mass shootings that now threaten society. Student interest in education has been usurped and replaced by mundane frivolities. This is why education is perceived increasingly as a waste of time. This idea has resulted in spiritual decadence and in the moral downfall of American society. As an educator, and visionary, I strongly disagree with this sentiment, it is the author’s intention to initiate a dialogue, regarding the status of education and to propose the integration of a “Self-Reflection Technique” into the curricula. Knowledge has two aspects, theoretical and experiential; without both, learning must be considered incomplete. This is the case in public education; students are not apprised of both; this is a partial education that leads, in part, to the gun violence, school shootings, and growing disinterest in public education. Educators have failed to provide students with experiential knowledge which alone offers solace, learning, and student contentment. A theoretical model of total reality is provided to every student by means of the applied sciences which satisfies the intellect or head. However, a practical experience of total reality that is needed to satiate the heart is missing. Hence, the contemporary curriculum is an incomplete, one-dimensional, didactic format where students are tested for retention. The current curriculum focuses only on the objective physical world by means of studying the sciences and mathematics. The profundity of the unmanifest unified field, the universal source of all orderliness, all the diverse laws of nature, and the very source of the student’s intelligence has been ignored. Education in the 21 st century should provide every student with a practical experience of the inner, transcendental, unified field of pure consciousness. An education of this nature will ensure the continued infusion of creative intelligence needed for innovation, pioneering, and perpetual growth needed to actualize the total human potential. The American dream was once the driving force
behind our unprecedented achievement. Paradoxically, it set a course for materialism and
riches. Americans now are latent with material comforts of every kind and style. Nevertheless,
society is replete with dissatisfaction, crime and murder rates are up, scholastic productivity is
down, while stress, anxiety, and psychosomatic illnesses are prevalent and on the rise. There are
several different ways of viewing this problem. As I see it, the root cause is the disproportionate materialistic orientation without a spirituality which is baseless. A baseless education is an incomplete education. The salient word here is,” incomplete”, which conveys that something is missing and of course, it is, and here’s why. Life is comprised of two aspects; the objective physical, manifest world and the spiritual, or unmanifest world which is the cause and the source of the manifest world. Historically, the focus of the educational curriculum has been the physical world, which is only 50% of the total reality. Yet, the spiritual world and spiritual development are the basis of all other forms of development. Education should empower a student to live a life established in the non-changing, creative intelligence of the absolute; in this manner, the student will not be overshadowed by any of the vicissitudes of relativity that lead to frustration, violence, anger, and overt killing. The current curricula’s trajectory is job preparation and the rushes of materialism. The time has come to denounce them, and turn education toward consciousness. There are two aspects of learning; theory and experience. The theoretical information is logical and satisfies the intellect, but only a direct experience can satisfy the heart; both are critical for complete knowledge. Going forward, Education should afford the student an experience of the unified field of pure intelligence; the source of all the laws of nature and; knowledge itself. This experience spontaneously integrates the student’s being, thinking, and actions, and winnows away the state of fragmentation and disorder. A technology of consciousness is a tool that introduces vertical thinking. Vertical thinking is the introversion of sensory perception, an awakening to the inner space of the Self. Vertical thinking affords the experience of a more refined level of thought; in the subtlest regions of the student sub-conscious. The aim of this practice is the refinement of the students’ nervous system; to culture, it to maintain an infinite being; the source of creativity and intelligence. Self-Reflection expands the thinking capacity, which makes thoughts more powerful. Twentieth-century Education has consisted of a trial-and-error approach using a plethora of external heuristic methods designed to foster student learning. The field of education, however, is the students’ inner consciousness. Education should awaken each student’s awareness of their infinite potential as pure beings; pure intelligence. This can best be achieved through the integration of a Self Reflection Technique of Vertical thinking. The unified field is the home of all the laws of nature; the source of the applied sciences and mathematics. A consciousness-based education will empower a student for life and invigorate student learning; in contrast to yesterday’s education strategy of mere job preparation. Perhaps the most relevant discovery of the 20 th century has been that the knower (consciousness ), known (subject), and the process of knowing are one. Therefore, the Study of any discipline should involve concurrently an experience of pure consciousness; the home of all the laws of nature. A Self-Reflection Technique seeks the empowerment of the student’s mental capacity by teaching every student how to enliven the field of pure knowledge within his awareness. Education is a process by which knowledge is discovered, valued, preserved, and perpetuated. Learning how to contact the source of total knowledge ensures that creative intelligence is infused into the fabric of every student’s consciousness. This should be the laudable aim of 21 st century education. When students are fulfilled, they are productive achievers in sync with the right action which are harmonious and integrative eschewing violence. Students should have to endure the psychological discomfort of participating in a live shooter drill or enter the hollowed halls of higher education through a metal detector and armed policemen. These are all huge red flags to the student’s psyche that suggest a threat, or imminent danger; which militates against education and learning. Education is the laudable pathway that has taken the humanity out of darkness and placed it on the golden pathway to enlightenment. Enlivening the field of pure consciousness in every student will ensure that the aspirations of education are realized. This is the propitious moment to reform the traditional educational curriculum by integrating a technology of consciousness which, I am convinced will once again re-establish an accelerated achievement momentum.

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