Analysis | Alabama Legislature considered most conservative in U.S.

The study examined over 265,000 individual votes cast by 7,400 state policymakers in 50 state legislatures.


A recent analysis of the votes of state lawmakers across the United States found that the Alabama Legislature has the highest percentage of votes cast for conservative positions in the country.

The study, released by the Center for Legislative Accountability, examined over 265,000 individual votes cast by each of the 7,400 state policymakers in the 50 state legislatures.

The state of Alabama ranked as the most conservative state legislature in the country, according to the study, with 74 percent of votes cast during the previous legislative session for conservative positions. Massachusetts, where 15 percent of votes in the Massachusetts General Court were for conservative positions, was ranked the least conservative state legislature in the union.

Tennessee, Indiana, South Dakota, Arkansas, and Florida ranked below Alabama in percentages of votes that leaned conservative, according to the analysis.

“The nation’s 3,906 Republican state lawmakers voted conservative 80.89% of the time last year compared to 76.41% in 2020,” the CLA said in a release on Tuesday. “The 3,223 Democrat lawmakers across the 50 state legislatures voted with the conservative position 15.90% of the time, down from 18.72% in 2020.”

The current party makeup within both chambers of the Alabama State Legislature is 27 Republicans and eight Democrats in the Alabama state Senate and 76 Republicans and 28 Democrats in the Alabama state House.

John H. Glenn
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