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The famous Socratic dictum, “know thyself” suggests that man’s essence is his inner nature, not his outer body. As the 21st century unfolds, knowledge of the total potential of the human nervous system and its correlations with higher states of consciousness has grown exponentially. The ramification of this discovery has far-reaching implications for the ethics and spiritual practices of the future. Scientific studies at leading research institutes have documented meditation’s brain coherence and mental and physical health benefits. For the past fifty years, Self Reflection has enriched every aspect of the author’s life. The following quote from Rig Veda is a reference to the transcendental Self (Parame Vyoman). “Richo Akshara Parame Vyoman Yasmin Deva Adhi Vishve Nishedhuhu”.  Richa is situated in Akshara. Knowledge is structured in consciousness, the non-changing transcendental basis of all relative existence in which reside the impulses of creative intelligence responsible for the whole manifest universe Rig Veda 1.164.39.

  • Thinking is a stream of energy and intelligence that rises like a bubble to the surface level of consciousness where it is appreciated as a thought.
  • In the same manner that a wave when connected to the deeper levels of the sea becomes stronger likewise, when the conscious mind expands it incorporates the deeper levels of the sub-conscious and thoughts become more powerful.
  • Powerful thought is the basis of achievement, fulfillment, and contentment.
  • “Life has two aspects, relative and absolute; the relative is changing, the absolute is non-changing and eternal.
  • THE SELF” is an impulse of creative intelligence that is completely outside of the sphere of relative activity in the eternal, non-changing, absolute aspect of life.
  • BABA’S Self-Reflection Technique (SRT) is a mental technique that brings the mind deeper into the thinking process.
  • Self-Reflection meditation reveals the creative genius located in the source of thought.
  • Self- Reflection ties together the waking states of consciousness to the Higher States of Consciousness by transforming the nervous system.
  • Daily practice SRT develops an extraordinary state of consciousness commensurate with the word, “enlightenment”.
  • The SELF-REFLECTION integrates physiology and expands the capacity of the mind from 10% to the totality of brain function.
  • “Man is made in the image of God”, What does it mean? It means that the nervous system is designed to express the highest states of God Consciousness.
  • SRT brings the mind to the force of evolution in the unified field which spontaneously awakens the flow of the Self-referral intelligence.
  • Words have two aspects, sound and meaning,
  • SRT functions on the level of sound, when the mind is lively on the level of sound but is undirected by its meaning, the mind takes the direction of more intelligence, and happiness of its own ecstatic nature.
  • A mantra functions as an impulse to pulsate the mind, and during SRT, it pulsates on the mantra, not on its meaning.
  • The goal of SRT Meditation is the transcendent SELF
  • The SELF-REFLECTION meditation infuses pure consciousness into the nature of the mind which refines the physiology enabling it to experience the true SELF.
  • With continued practice of SRT, THE SELF-awareness is maintained during activities outside of meditation; this is cosmic consciousness.
  • The SELF-REFLECTION TECHNIQUE quiets ongoing mental chatter and releases stress which refreshes the mind and body with creativity, ecstasy, and inner peace.
  • SRT FEELS GOOD, it is done twice daily seated comfortably with the eyes closed.

  • SELF-REFLECTION TECHNIQUE initiates the growth of SELF-AWARENESS and accelerates a transformation and experience of the seven states of consciousness:




  • 1. WAKING STATE: Knowledge of The SELF is absent.
    2. SLEEP: Knowledge of SELF absent
    3. DREAMING: The knowledge of SELF is absent.
    4. TRANSCENDENTAL: The SELF is realized.
    5. COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: The awareness of the SELF coexists with sleep and waking states.
    6. GOD CONSCIOUSNESS: Ego surrenders all actions to the SELF, abandonment of attachment
    7. UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS: The singularity of creative intelligence becomes perceptible.


  • The first three states of consciousness, waking, deep sleep, and the dreaming state of sleep are commonplace experiences of every adult human being with a functional nervous system. The last four levels of Transcendental, Cosmic, God, and Unity consciousness are cultivated through the practice of the self-reflection.
  • With the growth of the SELF individual life becomes attuned with the cosmic life and merges with the eternal SELF. Only from this praiseworthy state can those famous words be said, “not my will, but Thine be done.”

Dr. Yisrael offers a four-day course of personalized instruction in the theory and practice of the Self Reflection Technique.

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