Cowards In The Pulpit!

Marcus J Echols

It was the American Christian church that started the lies, falsehoods, and racist hate, and they are the ones best suited to try to end or heal it. How did they do this, you may ask? It was a well-planned spiritual attack from the beginning. The early white European settlers preached from the pulpit that black people/Africans had no soul. They knew black people were the people of God, but this was to be a “New World,” so they set out to create this same racist culture that stops America/Alabama from ever being great, as we see acting out today.

After some time, the racist American Christians upgraded the black human being to 3/5 of a man, and this issue started by the early American church is one they avoid for the purposes of keeping it going. All of these acts, in conjunction with the racism fomented right now in our state and society, are all the work of the devil because nothing in the Bible says the racists will be there. I often wonder why a racist person would preach, pray, or even go to church for that matter. The devil has employed preachers and elected officials to carry out the evil because white supremacy is the work of the devil without a doubt, according to the King James version of the Bible.

It’s devil worship for any Alabama preacher supporting racism and racist people and then getting up there and preaching like it’s not a serious religious problem. I have to be happy in the fact that God knows, I know, and these Alabama so-called Christians are pulpit cowards, to say the very least. Religion in Alabama has been hijacked by a bunch of cowards, and many of them are also racist to boot! If an Alabama preacher supports Trump, then I propose that the preacher is an imposter, liar, and a “pulpit evil doer” if they can’t tie Trump to the acts of life teachings of Jesus through biblical reference.

No preacher in the state of Alabama or anywhere for that matter can explain and show you biblical support that Christ supports racism and people like Trump. What a rebuke of God Himself for a so-called Christian to go along with all that we’ve seen out of the Christian racists of our time. These people are not Christians because they have no attribute to support that notion other than self-proclaiming it and have no works to show beyond that.

Do these people still think heaven is for whites only like they preached when they got off the rat and pig-filled ships bringing them to the new world for the first time, typhoid, flu, smallpox, measles, etc.? If these Alabama Christians believe in a just God, then why haven’t they repented and atoned rather than becoming more vile and corrupted by their white supremacist views and love versus what Jesus says in the Bible?

Alabama preachers have hardened their hearts against God’s Words when it comes to white supremacist hatred.

God calls Alabama preachers, especially those in the black community, to be brave about the racism, gun violence, and other issues right in front of our faces. Any preacher who’s afraid to speak forcefully from the pulpit should read Psalm 56:3-4 or step away from the pulpit.

The vast majority of Alabama so-called Christian preachers may know the Bible, but they have little idea of how to really relate that to the congregation. These pulpit pimps should be talking about racism and gun violence in our state, instead, they’re talking about things Jesus never mentioned, like abortion, etc.

In these times of the last days, the people deserve more than Christian cowards in the pulpit. If a preacher is afraid, especially of his congregation that he knows is following, admiring, and explaining away evil, then he’s unfit and has no sign of salvation in him. Being brave and fearless in the Word of God is a sign of salvation, but not using God’s calling to call out evil, then these Alabama preachers make a mockery of God. According to Philippians 1:28- “And not frightened in anything by your opponents. This is a clear sign to them of their destruction, but of your salvation, and that from God.”

If a preacher is a coward and not preaching about the problems in our community and state, then that preacher is not only failing his congregation through his cowardice but God Himself. God doesn’t want cowards in the pulpit afraid to tell the congregation the truth that no racist person will be in heaven. Alabama preachers are afraid of telling their congregations the truth because they know what their coward selves are dealing with and that if they talk against white supremacist hate, which is abhorrent to God, then those racist Christian worshippers will change to a more white supremacist Christian congregation that puts white supremacy first and the teachings of God second.

The best encouragement I can give to these pulpit cowards, especially the so-called black Christians who hide behind the cloth as a cover and excuse for neglecting their duty to confront this evil racist deviltry from where it began, which is the early American church pulpit, is Deuteronomy 3:16- “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Alabama needs a preacher in the delivery style of Jonathan Edwards who preached “Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God” to address how the Alabama Christian community has been hijacked by white supremacists and how pulpits are performed each Sunday by pulpit cowards afraid to speak God’s words against this ideology destroying our state and country like a cancer.



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