By Dr. Y’Shua Yisrael
The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew language constitute Lashon Ha Kodesh or The Holy Tongue. According to Kabbalah, יהוה (Ha Shem) created the letters two thousand years before using them in combinations and permutations to fashion the creation. Moreover, Lashon Ha Kodesh was spoken on Mount Sinai when יהוה (Ha Shem) gave the Torah. Consequently, in the Yehudim, it is accepted without equivocation, that the Aleph-Bet is the protoplasm of the universe. This notion is evident in the book of Psalms, chapter 33 and verse six, “By the word of יהוה (Ha Shem) were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth”. In his classic book, “The Energy of The Hebrew Letters,” Rav Michael Berg states, “ the twenty-two sounds are animated by a spiritual force more immense than the energy contained within the atom”. Kabbalists maintain that the twenty-two sounds of the Hebrew Aleph- Bet are individualized forces of creative intelligence. Moreover, the objective creation is born out of the combinations and permutations of these twenty-two impulses of sacred sound. Hebrew letters possess organizing intelligence that is the source of everything, including the human nervous system, anatomy, and physiology. Consequently, when the letters are spoken and or heard in a sequential progression, their intelligence stimulates the nervous system enlivening the DNA and RNA molecules at every level of physiological organization; proteins, micro-molecular systems, cell components, tissue, organs, and individual particles, atoms, and molecules. The galactic and cosmic structures of the universe and all forms of human, animal, and plant life is the grand display of the wisdom of Hebrew letters. In the Torah, Bezalel, The builder of the tabernacle in the wilderness, knew how to combine the letters. Bezalel was bequeathed this gift because as it is written, “For I have filled him with a godly spirit, with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge ( Exodus 31:3).
In this resurrection cycle, there is a universal mandate for every Hebrew to become literate in Lashon Ha Kodesh. Therefore, every Israelite should petition יהוה (Ha Shem) for Lashon Ha Kodesh for this critical spiritual tool. The rationale for Hebrew study is not to become linguistically competent in conversational Hebrew, although this may occur. There is a difference between the arbitrary sounds of conversational Hebrew and Lashon Ha Kodesh. The latter is creative intelligence; the Language of the Torah, and the prophets; it is the source of existence. Hebrew Literacy is mandated to activate prayer life and to introduce the mind and body to the highest spiritual frequencies. The visualization, pronunciation, and auditory perception of the combinations of sacred sounds will initiate a profound neurophysiological transformation which, elevates consciousness, and consciousness is the basis of being, thinking, and actions. When conscientiously studied, the body’s physiologic mechanisms are infused with the pure intelligence of each letter, resulting in the renewal of the body, and expansion of the mental capabilities which, makes thought more powerful. The holy tongue, (Lashon Ha Kodesh ) is the” sine qua non” of redemption and without it, little, if any significant scholarly and, or spiritual advancement can be achieved. In the author’s view, Lashon Ha Kodesh is the hallmark of the anointing required to enter into Kedushah and Tahara (sanctification and purity). Moreover, in view of the trauma sustained by the collective intelligence during our 400-year sojourn in America, only יהוה (Ha Shem) can awaken and raise the intellectual level required to learn the holy tongue. Consequently, both interest and study of Ivrit are based in יהוה (HaShem); unless you have been given it by יהוה (Ha Shem) you will not become literate, nor will there be an interest; “a tree is known by the fruit that it bears”.
The prophecy of Zephaniah 3:9 must be fulfilled and once Lashon Hakodesh is received, it becomes evident; it raises the Israelite out of that Nigger realm of consciousness that is loud, aggressive, and disruptive; where there is ignorance of the Self. Rather, the awakened Israelite retires into the blessedness of his home for perpetual prayer, study; and transformation; he is never seen standing on street corners being a verbal bully being abusive to other citizens or ethnic groups who may hold a different view.
Heaven has come to earth, and the world is witnessing the fulfillment of prophecy. The awakening of the Israelites is a universal phenomenon that is a prefigure of the coming of the Mashiach. The study of Hebrew letters, for the Israelites, is the most expedient means to awaken the profound intellectual potential inherent in his birthright. The creation is like an ocean that is active on the surface, and more and more silent and profound at its depths.
The energy of Lashon Ha Kodesh when studied daily, activates the silent intelligence that is the source of each letter. It is recommended that the beginner proceeds by visualizing the letters daily, with repeated practice, the energy of each letter begin to be felt on a neurophysiological level. Spontaneously, life is enriched and afforded a greater experience of holiness. It is every Hebrew’s birthright to become literate! During this cycle of resurrection from the dead, the study of Hebrew should become part and parcel of the Israelites daily prayer life. However, Hebrew literacy isn’t easy; it only develops in proportion to surrender and time spent in prayer, study, interaction, and focus on both, vowels and consonants. The objective of Lashon Ha Kodesh is to afford the Israelites both,​knowledge and experience of total wisdom and the organizing power of יהוה ( Ha Shem). Prayer is the springboard to quick learning, a prayerful focus on the letters and attention to the sounds of sacred literature yields the profound spiritual awakening that each Israelite desires. When the energy and intelligence of each unique letter begins to dawn within the students inner awareness, the warmth and blessed embrace of יהוה ) Ha Shem) begins to be lived. As the study continues, the uniqueness of the Aleph-Bet starts to unfold in the reader’s mind, i.e., the names of each letter, its design, similarities, and differences between letters such as shape and size; elongations, heights, direction, the letters meaning, and mathematical equivalent. Physiologically; the nervous system becomes more integrated, organs are revivified, and the aging process curtailed. Merely scanning the letters in a right-to-left direction activates the flow of their unique divinity. The conscious mind is a micro-structure of the cosmic macrostructure; the practice of visually scanning each letter attunes the individual mind to the cosmic intelligence, and sound characteristic of each letter. The simple exercise of scanning the letters is the first step in awakening the mind to the divine intelligence of Ivrit (Hebrew). Proverbs 4:20- 22 says in effect, that the letters are life and health to those who find and attend to them. The exercise of visualizing and pronouncing and hearing the sounds of Lashon Ha Kodesh will renew the soul because each letter is an impulse of immortality.
“Forever, Ha Shem your word stands firm in heaven” (psalms 119:89). The articulation of Lashon Ha Kodesh causes the sequential progression of physiologic resonance, an ecstatic conductivity that is warm, soothing, elevating, restoring to normal microcellular functions. For example, the word, שמע )hear) is a combination of three letters and three spaces. In the first phase of manifestation, the letter ש (Shin) emerges from infinite silence, is heard and processed. The divine energy is infused into the nervous system, the letter submerges back into infinity. In the second step, the first letter ש, (Shin) is transformed into the second letter, מ (Mem) This transformation occurs in the silent space and then, the letter מ (Mem) emerges from silence, is heard, processed by the nervous system; the intelligence of מ (Mem) is infused into the nervous system and re- submerges into the silent space. In the silent space, the letter מ (Mem) is transformed into the final letter, ע (Ayin). The letter ע (Ayin) emerges, is heard, processed by the nervous system, and submerges back into the space completing the expression. It can be deduced from this observation, that the space between each letter is the unifying field of infinite creative intelligence. The Transformation of one letter into the next takes place ​within the infinite silence of the spaces. The sequence of sound is highly significant because it is the sequence of both; the sound and the silence that the true meaning resides. The meaning of Lashon Ha Kodesh is mystical, it does not reside on the level of intellectual interpretations. The study of Ivrit is a subjective journey; an encounter with creative intelligence that produces a total transformation in neurophysiology. The whole field of pure knowledge is within the spaces from which one letter is transformed into the next. From this illustration, it can be seen how duality arises from and is structured in unity. The articulation of the Hebrew letters is the sequential progression of pure intelligence that concurrently activates the nervous system and advances the Israelite’s spiritual ascension into God-consciousness.
Dr. Yisrael teaches an introductory Hebrew course, as well as a course in self-reflection; vertical thinking. Contact: babayshua@gmail.com

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