The evisceration of the Africans’ identity during slavery obliterated his culture, religion, and his God. To further exile the black man from himself he was given the Bible. Of course, like everything done to enslaved people, the goal of slavery is to further denigrate cripple, and usurp the dignity of those who are enslaved. There was a demonic intention behind this seemingly noble gesture of giving slaves the Bible. The white authorities printed and gave black people the Bible with an ignoble intention; to transform the structure of slavery from a physical condition into a permanent spiritual condition; spiritual slavery is equivalent to death.

Without scrutiny, the descendants of slaves embraced the Bible as a factual and literal account of history. Consequently, the black race worldwide is deceived into thinking that the Bible is the infallible word of God, but that is not true! Currently, there is a proliferation of the Israelite Hebrew consciousness and it has alarmed the world; is this the rebirth of the Hebrew nation they ask? I ask rhetorically, is the present-day black Hebrew Israelite consciousness a product of the vicarious identification process that comes from reading sacred literature like the Bible? After all, the African American has a Bible base identity and perhaps this notion of being Hebrew has been cultivated through repeated readings of Deuteronomy 28: 68, And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships”. This sentence in conjunction with the trans-Atlantic slave trade which brought millions of slaves into the new Egypt is the verse upon which this Hebrew notion is based.

As would be expected, this claim challenges the long-held assumptions about the people called Jews and has resulted in a conundrum about their Lineal connection to the biblical patriarchs. In response, the Jewish media amplified its excoriation of the Black Hebrews. In October 2022 Kyrie Irving, a professional basketball player shared a link to the film, “from Hebrews to Negroes“, a film by Ronald Dalton. The movie advances the idea that Jews are imposters Who stole the religious heritage of black Hebrews and have engaged in a cover-up to prevent the real Hebrews from knowing their true identity. Consequently, the film was enthusiastically embraced by the Black community including, several high profile black celebrities.

While there is the enthusiastic claim for Dalton’s work among people of color the Anti-Defamation League views the film as a flagrant attempt to sully Judaism and invalidate the Ashkenaz im . The A DL ( Anti-defamation league ) accuses the film of using typical antisemitic tropes about Jewish greed, power, and control of the media. Perhaps the most egregious offense to Jews is the implication that they were involved in the transatlantic slave trade. In response to the ADL’s claim, Blacks ask, how can the Black Hebrews, the descendants of Abraham who descended from Sh em be antisemitic? The knowledge of self does not come from reading a book, or story, or memorizing cultural myths. Self-knowledge is born out of a deeper level of awareness that comes from direct experience; only a direct experience satisfies the mind and the heart, and both are essential for complete knowledge of the self. Reading is a linguistic-based intellectual exercise that evokes images within the reader’s imagination that affords the reader an indirect, or secondhand experience.

Yet, reading about swimming is not the same as the experience of swimming. The Torah is written in the holy Hebraic language called Lashon Ha Kodesh, The holy tongue of God and his people Yisrael. Abraham the first Hebrew, was born in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia within the sphere of his antagonist Nimrod’s influence. Therefore, Abraham was hidden by God in a cave to avoid being killed by nimrods minions. According to Midrash, Abraham was left alone in the cave for the first 13 years of his life and when he finally emerged, he spoke La shon Ha Kodesh the holy tongue. The knowledge of self is born out of a direct experience of the transcendental immortal one. The Shema is perhaps, the most powerful statement made in the tour. The Shema is the quintessential proclamation of the indivisibility and oneness of the creator. The Shema is recited daily by Jews as well as conscientious Hebrew Israelites. However, considering the ongoing bilateral effort to ​invalidate each other neither group seems to have had a direct experience of the oneness of God proclaimed in the Shema. If God is one then God is the source and cause of everything; diversity is inherent in His Oneness.

When the underdeveloped soul evolves beyond the grip of the dynamic forces of nature, the individuality is transformed into cosmic status, and no longer is their identity individualized. Rather, the inner awareness is established in the depths of infinite peace that comes from being united with the creator affording the experience of the oneness of God proclaimed in Deuteronomy 6:4. The relative actions that are being played out between Jews and Black Hebrews are owed to the forces of nature‘s organizing intelligence. In humanity’s underdeveloped state, we are like the tiny waves on the surface of the ocean without broad base depth or knowledge of our oneness. We appear independent and self-directed and separate; this separation is the driving force that continues to blind the collective spiritual vision of humanity.

Perspective is everything, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I understand why a Jew argues passionately that the film is indeed, anti-Jewish; but is not the goal of the film to disprove the validity of the Ashkenazi? A Palestinian would argue that Jews are ruthless, militaristic, and a warlike people who profess God but build walls to dominate and disenfranchise the poor Palestinians. I reject both arguments as pejorative and advance the idea that the film is orchestrated by nature organizing intelligence; the film meets the needs of the time and is a product of the energy which coincides with the resurrection of the Black man’s consciousness.

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