You Are an Accomplice to Genocide

Are you an accomplice to Genocide and you do not know it? Do you know that God, our Creator, commands us to do Good, and not Evil?

The past and present history of mankind clearly shows Humanity prefers Evil over Good. Because of that, God, destroyed all, except one family.  Only one Man, Noah, was righteous!!!

God gave mankind another chance, although, He already knew they would blow it!

And boy we have really blown it!  Because we threw God and The Word of God out of the picture.

Is Humanity so dumb that it cannot follow God’s Word?  Or is it just stubborn?

When God said, “Thou shall not kill” He was saying don’t murder other human beings.  Especially an innocent one.  God considers murder so bad that the punishment He prescribed is DEATH.  Abortion is murder!

Every person involved in the murder of an unborn baby is a murderer!  Everyone supporting abortion is an accomplice in this genocide, which has cost America, over sixty-five million lives.

This happens when a nation rejects God, his son Jesus, and His Just Laws.

All Mankind is commanded to obey God.  Especially those selected to govern.  That is why He wanted the Word of God to spread to the whole world.

Sadly, it is now obvious that most of America does not know Him.

But they will find out when God executes his judgment.  Please read Revelation starting with chapter six.

P.S.  According to computer info, 200,000 abortions daily worldwide.  That comes to 73,000,000 a year.  Definitely a GENOCIDE!       Just thought I let you know.

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